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Swimming Exercise Benefits during Pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise


Swimming during the pregnancy is an excellent practice; during pregnancy is even more. Water is a wonderful means to exercise because it gives you support and relative resistance, which is what you need during the prenatal period. Moreover, being in shape is a big advantage for childbirth. Swimming can exercise any woman in normal pregnancy and no history of complications

The bottom line during the stage of gestation is that you enjoy and benefit from physical exercise and made safe in moderation. This is no time to require your body with extreme goals. The aquatic routines are ideal, since it allows you to maintain an optimal physical condition without too much effort.

 Swim bring you many benefits:  relieve pressure that supports the pelvic area of your body, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy; tone your muscles and allow your joints are released, the horizontal position swimming allow the peso distributed without burdening an area in particular; your cardio respiratory system will improve thanks to the aerobic activity; lets you control the weight well, is pleasant and will work for you feel agile and active.

During pregnancy, Some exercise is safe  and many doctors advice  to do it on regular basis, it can help to have healthy  exercise . if you are doing exercise before pregnancy  then  it  is advisable to continue  during  pregnancy  with advice of your Doctor or Gynaecologist. If not, then take permission from your gynaecologist start working on routine exercise. It is advisable not to start with hard, don’t push up too much, and take details of your exercise from your doctors and follow it very safely. There can be some health condition where you need to limit your workouts.



  1. Have plenty of water  with healthy  snack before you start exercise.

  2. Always wear comfortable  clothes.

  3. Don’t do too much work outs, best is limit them up to 45 minutes maximum and3 to 4 times a week.

  4. You should able to talk and do conversation with out any trouble while exercising.

  5. Don’t work until  you get overheated, also don’t work  in very hot or cold days.

  6. Don’t do workout which can cause any trauma on stomach.

  7. Always take advice of your doctor and exercise while your stomach is getting bigger..

  8. It is common to feel some mild cramping during exercise. Drink plenty of water and the cramping should stop after you are done exercising.

Exercise safety :

  1. do regular warm ups  and do proper cool down with your each workout  session.

  2.  always start very slowly.

  3.  always  take care of your body, don’t push too much  and don’t get over worked .

  4. IF find any pain or feeling not well immediately consult your doctor.


Remember: remain attentive to the processes of your body and you never army without your doctor's approval.

The best exercise for pregnant women is not too take too much stress and keep  your healthy  during pregnancy. There  are bunch of  exercise for pregnant  women which can help  you make fit yummy mummy if you do exercise while  pregnant.

Always  check with you Doctor to maintain  fitness during  pregnancy and do safe pregnancy exercise.  Keep watching for pregnancy workouts



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